Advertising with AFP

Why advertising with us!

  • All advertisements link direct to your target web page.
  • Visitors find your advertisements each time they load new page.
  • No impression or click charges.
  • Target visitors for photo contest organizers (More than 90% of our visitors are photographers and photo enthusiasts).

Site Statistics

  • Visitors 40000 + per month.
  • 63-68% Unique visitors.
  • 200000 + pages viewed per month.
  • 1300 + newsletter subscribers.
  • More than 9000 Facebook followers.
  • 57,000 + Twitter followers.

Advertisement Layout

Currently we are offering 3 different types of advertisement slots.


Ads & size Cost Nos of ads Remarks
728pix X 90pix Header $125/month. 1  
300pix X 250pix Side bar block: $100/month. 2 max.  
300pix X 75pix Side bar Mini Block: $35/month. 4 max.  

Note: Contact us via to find available advertising space.

Payment method: Paypal.